The Famicom in 1985

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Third Star

Totally awesome! 1985 is one of my all-time favorite Famicom years! There’s such a variety of games and genres, real innovation surfacing, and an overall feeling of quality, cuteness and passion put into making these little treasures. I can’t wait for reviews to pop up! Some of my all-time favorite Famicom moments are in ’85, with Penguin Kun Wars, Lunar Ball, Battle City (WHY WASN’T IT A BLACK BOX GAME?! Nintendo trying to distance themselves from Atari’s “Combat” perhaps?), Door Door and Bomberman, besides Super Mario Bros. really taking the cake for me! Adorable games. Even the most innocuous games, like Soccer or Front Line can be really fun, despite themselves. Macross? As a huge Robotech fan in my formative years, even it is a treasure, from Min-Mei coming out and hitting the GONG! with her hands over her ears.

The box art of this year is so beautiful as well – how exotic and wonderful they must have looked in Japanese electronics/games/toy stores back then. I miss all of that excitement, that real sense of WONDER, just “window shopping” for new games back in the 80s/90s. Everything was so exotic and expensive. Little boxes of dreams. That feeling really started to go away with the end of the PS1, around ’99/’00, perhaps as we were growing up as well, or losing our innocence of gaming, thanks to the internet and the endless amounts of information/preconceived notions/negative influence we gathered. It only takes one person to say a game “sucks,” to change your mind. Fortunately, I long gave up on that stuff. I just play these games, not comparing them, just as they were intended, to be FUN!, and enjoy them all. Sure, some are impossible after a while, or have mistakes or poor controls, but who cares. To that 13-year-old nerd in a toy store, seeing something like 10 Yard Fight with a glowing LED (!!) on a store shelf in late August, 1985 would have blown your mind.

It still does mine, 36 years later.

Thanks for this amazing site. I love Questicle, but this one is like… ALL ME. Don’t forget to celebrate July 15! 🙂 What are we?! 38?!