Mappy (Famicom, 1984) – #0026


ALSO ON: Arcade, MSX, Super Cassette Vision, Sharp X1, MSX, FM-7, Sord M5, NEC PC88, Game Gear, Game Boy Advance, iOS, Android, Japan Virtual Console (Wii, 3DS, Wii U)

RELEASED: 11/14/84


On the beat.


Namco’s Mappy brilliantly showcases the eternal cat and mouse struggle in pixelated form, albeit in unconventional ways. Far from being a small helpless mouse fighting for his life, Mappy is a decorated officer of the law. His mission – nay, his sworn duty – in his self-titled game is to recover all stolen goods from the Meowkies cat gang and their boss, Goro. The Meowkies’ mansion has pilfered property strewn about its many corridors and rooms. Trampolines bounce Mappy and the cats around and into one another. Should Mappy get into a scuffle with the cats in a hallway proper, the cats will prevail. If Mappy opens a glowing yellow door, however, a large frequency will emerge from it and collect any cats in its path.


All in a day’s work.


Like any police work, Mappy’s duty is ongoing: 256 levels, and not a good night’s sleep in sight. Even if Mappy clears the level of cats via the door frequencies, they quickly return from the top of the house; nine lives and all. Mappy’s only reprieve is the bonus levels where you collect as many balloons as you can before the song ends. Lots of trampolines there! Hopefully Officer Mappy doesn’t get motion sickness.


Mappy’s secret shame.


Yes, Mappy’s time in the Meowkies mansion is a neverending one. At least the madcap, slapstick insanity keeps the proceedings fresh. Collecting forged Mona Lisas, bouncing on trampolines, and killing cats via sound waves really is as fun as it sounds.




The bell tolls for crime.


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